Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


  • Are home plans Copyrighted?

Yes, home plans are copyrighted. Copyright laws protect intellectual property of architects and home designers. These laws allow for statutory penalties, plus legal fees and actual damages for copyright infringements involving plans found in publications. Construction blueprints may not be duplicated but additional copies may be purchased from the supplier. 


  • Can I customize a house Plan?

Yes, you can customize a house plan by either working with the plan designer and indicate using our customizer and send the changes you require. We have three stages of customization –minor moderate and major changes and the designer will evaluate your change request and send you a quote before proceeding with changes you have requested. Please find more information regarding customizable sets on this website.



  • Can I get Electronic Files of my Blueprints?

No, we do not issue CAD files to our clients.  We provide printed blueprint sets of drawings for building approvals.



  • How to find a builder?

There are many ways to find the best builder in your area. To get started, consider looking through of website builder’s database and see the portfolio of each builder and make a choice based on what you see. You can also visit the website of the Master Builders Association of Jamaica. (www.imaj.org/jm) and review their membership. Other ways to find an excellent local builder is to talk to friends and neighbors and obtain referrals or by visiting showcases for new homes and new developments. 

You can also drive around the area you intend to move to and identify new construction. Ask for permission to enter the home for a quick visit. Approach the construction supervisor/foreman and obtain the builder’s contact information, if you like what you see. 


  • How long does it take to build a home?

The time it takes to build a home depends on many variables such as square footage, design, time of year, etc. A standard home can take between six months to a year to complete. Weather can heavily influence the speed in which construction proceeds. A rainy month, for example, can slow down your builder from pouring the foundations and building concrete components, which can hold up the process for a few months. Completing the interior of the home is a slower process due to the interdependence of sub-contractors, such as electrical, plumbing, heating, etc. to be able to complete their portion of the work. The exterior structure of the home can typically move forward much faster than finishing the interior of the home because it requires more time and specialized labour and skills for installations to and acceptable standard.



  • Who is involved in building a home?

There are many persons involved in building a home.  This may include your architect, builder, material suppliers, subcontractors, labour forces, structural engineers and land surveyors to name a few. For example, you will subcontractors for plumbing, electrical work, air conditioning, painting, framing, etc. Your builder typically assigns a construction manager or foreman to handle the day-to-day responsibilities involved in the project and hires all the subcontractors. The foreman will spend most of his time on site.



  • How do I determine which plan is best for my family?

Your best approach is to study as many home plans as possible that fit your criteria in your search on our website. The number of family members you have, your family growth plans, how you would like to expand your house in future,  number of years you plan to live in this home, reason for the investment are all reasons  that drive the type of home you select and ultimately build. Your first step in selecting your plan is to identify what you can afford and be built in your budget. Your budget will then drive the number of square feet and type and quality of finishes you can afford to include.



  • How long does it take to make changes to a house plan?

The time involved to make changes to your home plans will depend on the number of changes and extent of the changes that you request. Generally you should be able to get your customized house plan within three weeks provided that all changes are not being made by the client during this period.



  • Will My House Plan include the wiring, Plumbing and other Details?

Yes, the building plans will include all the elevations, electrical, plumbing, roof details, foundation plans, detailed floor plans and general specifications that are required to get building approval from your local parish council and building authority.



  • What’s does a Blueprint package include?

A typical set of blueprints includes:1

    • Site plan
    • Floor plans
    • Building sections
    • Foundation Plans
    • Exterior elevations 
    • Roof details 
    • Electrical plans 
    • Drainage plans
    • Structural details
    • Detailed floor plans 
    • Schematic electrical layouts diagrams
    • Interior elevations 
    • Door and Window Schedules
    • General specification

We often have our clients ask us the same or similar questions all the time. We are happy to answer your questions and if cant find an answer here then do not hesitate to contact us.